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Committee Information
Name: Friends of Val Hoyle ID: 13967                     
Filing Effective From: 07/14/2014 to present Filing Type: Amendment
Address: 3110 West 14th Ave
Eugene, OR 97402
Campaign Phone: (541)905-1468
Treasurer Information
Name: Denise M Bean  
Mailing Address: 1293 18th St.
Springfield, OR 97477
Work Phone:
Home Phone:

Email Address: denise@beancountertax.com
Candidate Information
Name: Val Hoyle  
Election/Office: 2014 General Election
State Representative, 14th District
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Candidate Address: 3110 W. 14th Ave
Eugene, OR 97402
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
Mailing Address: PO Box 2661
Eugene, OR 97402
Email Address: rephoyle@gmail.com
Occupation: State Representative
Employer: State of Oregon, Salem, OR
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Prior Statement of Organization
Persons Associated with Committee
Campaign Finance Activity
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