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Committee Information
Name: Charlie Hales for Mayor ID: 15089                     
Filing Effective From: 05/23/2011 to 09/10/2012 Filing Type: Original
Address: 2236 SE 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97214
Campaign Phone:
Treasurer Information
Name: Mike D Lindberg  
Mailing Address: 4023 SE Ash
Portland, OR 97214
Work Phone:
Home Phone:

Email Address: lindbergmc@comcast.net
Candidate Information
Name: Charles A Hales  
Election/Office: 2012 Primary Election
Mayor, City of Portland
Party Affiliation: Nonpartisan
Candidate Address: 7136 SE 27th Ave
Portland, OR 97202
Work Phone:
Home Phone:

Mailing Address: 7136 SE 27th Ave
Portland, OR 97202
Email Address: info@c-esystems.com
Occupation: Senior Vice President
Employer: HDR Engineering, Portland, OR
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