Committee Information
Name: Require Vote on Urban Renewal Committee ID: 15226                     
Acronym: PAC Type: Measure
Filing Effective From: 10/07/2011 to 05/14/2013 Filing Type: Amendment
Address: 494 State St, Ste 230
Not a mailing address
Salem, OR 97301
Campaign Phone:
Treasurer Information
Name: Donna L. Butler  
Mailing Address: PO Box 1304
Silverton, OR 97381
Work Phone:
Home Phone:

Email Address:
Nature of Committee
Support voter approval of urban renewal decisions in Clackamas County
The committee is not a candidate-controlled committee.
The committee supports or opposes the following:
2011 November Election Supports Measure #3-386 Shall the Clackamas County Code be amended to require voter approval of Urban Renewal decisions?
2011 November Election Opposes Measure #3-388 Local Voter Approval of Urban Renewal in Clackamas County
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