Committee Information
Name: Create Jobs PAC ID: 7846                     
Acronym: PAC Type: Miscellaneous
Filing Effective From: 08/31/2015 to 11/24/2015 Filing Type: Amendment
Address: 1110 Commercial St NE
Salem, OR 97301
Campaign Phone: (503)581-1466
Treasurer Information
Name: Charles A. Swank  
Mailing Address: 475 Cottage Street NE, Suite 200
Salem, OR 97301
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
(503)581-7788 x326
Email Address:
Nature of Committee
Support measures and candidates who favor private sector job creation
The committee is not a candidate-controlled committee.
The committee supports or opposes the following:
2015 November Election Opposes Measure #24-388 Adopts employer payroll and self-employment tax of 0.21% beginning 2017 (Salem Area Mass Transit District)
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